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Giants in the History … myths or Mysteries?

In an attempt for trying to explain the presence and existence of giants across the centuries, the most diverse sources have led the man to proposing all kinds of theories and hypotheses that try to solve this crux. With major or minor success they saw the light hypotheses that in an excess of imagination and little supervise at the moment of confirming the information gave like proved several offers that which more or less credible which, they seek to explain this existence of human extraordinarily big beings in comparison whom we know as the native of the men. Nevertheless, the appearance of these theories and of the science of modern investigation did not make decline the attention for the giants and the curiosity that is had on this topic.

Fingerprints of trodden human were discovered in North America, Texas, concretly in the bed of the river Paluxy near Glenn Rose. These fingerprints have been leave by a man capable leaving a stamp in the land of 54,61cm. Of length for 13,97cm. Of width. Since he is of supposing, the height of the above mentioned man had to be superior enough to the average of any considered normal person... But "the" "most "irrational" of this matter is that the geological cap in which they do appearance these fingerprints dates back approximately of 140 million years (when not even the first man had done, "officially" at least, his appearance). And it seems that once again the real history does not want to adapt to our academic official version...

Once again, the Sacred Writings put in check the knowledge and the intellectuality of the human being, and it shows us, that  does not import the science advances and the scientific discoveries make the man amazed, Never we will know all the secret mysteries and the cruxes that they have hidden to be revealed only to whom God it wants to reveal. In the book of Deuteronomy, Chapter 3 verse 11 says the following thing:

“ Only Og king of Bashan was left of the remnant of the Rephaitess. His bed was made of iron and was more than thirteen feet long and six feet wide. It is still en Rabbah of the Ammonites.” ( This measure that is described in the Bible, is equivalent to two meters of width per four meters and a half of length)...

Impressive truth? What is clear ... it is that The Words and Biblical histories, once again and for already many years, speak about everything what the human being investigates and discovers also many years ago, demonstrating again by means of the archaeology, the science and the history that The Bible is really THE GOD'S WORD.

Long along, it was said that to be Christian was a tremendous ignorance, but across these discoveries, such an affirmation changes sense, and today it is said that not to be Christian, it is necessary ignore many finds and discoveries that corroborate the Writings. Once again, THE BIBLE HAS THE REASON, and quite, absolutely everything what the man could discover, THE BIBLE is saying for many years.

Find out about the times through that we are living and of the signs that the same God is showing to the humanity in order that we create in and let's trust in his infinite mercies gained by Jesus Christ in the cross of the Calvary in order that the humanity has in The salvation and Eternal life.


We invite you to know this one and many other mysteries in the light of the GOD'S WORD. Study the Bible in your house of a pleasant and simple and totally free way. And do not forget that we must congregate, to learn more of God and not to be like the Gentles who have as custom not congregate


Only the God's Word is the only one that can explain the truth of the things that in the world happen, only The Writings could have revealed and show firstly what the man many years has tried to discover.




Only the God's Word is the only one that can explain the truth of the things that in the world happen, only The Writings could have revealed and show firstly what the man many years has tried to discover.


Shares these educations, expands the God's Word.


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