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The Great Discovery

Part 1
This great discovery begins with a terrible event especially the mankind, animal and vegetable.

Only we have to look at the sky in those days of rain and sun, when the wonderful rainbow, with his celestial colors brings us in memory for what is there. The Biblical statement that appears in Genesis 9:14 - 17 tells us as God did an agreement with the humanity, sealing with a tangible test, assuring them the men that nevermore the Earth will be destroyed by water . Dear friend, probably you should wonder of what we are speaking, the response is of the Universal DELUGE.



In the year six hundred of Noe's life in the second month to seventeen days of the month, that day there were broken the sources of the great abyss, and the cataracts of the skies were opened, and there was rain on the Earth forty days and forty nights. And the waters rose very much on the Earth, and all the forests that there were under everything the skies were covered. Fifteen elbows more high raised the waters (aprox. 7.5 meters) later that  covered the mounts. And there died all meat that moves on the Earth, this way of birds, of cattle, of beasts and of any reptile that crawls on the Earth and every man. Everything what encourage tape-worm of spirit of life in his nose, everything what existed in the Earth died.

This way everything that was living on the aspect of the Earth was destroyed, from the man, up to the beast, the birds of the sky and they were shabby of the land and only was Noe and those who were with him in the Ark that then would rest in the mounts Ararat. " 

We have just read a historical really surprising event that probably will be able to look like to you a great statement, or maybe a Utopia, or simple mythology. But today this fact could have gone on from one simple statement to an extraordinary truth, which has us and it will have really amazed.



In one day as today God speak to Noe saying the following thing: " I Have decided the end of every being, because the land this full of violence, because of them and here I will destroy them with the Earth... Is an Ark of wood of Gopher; you will do rooms in the ark and you were caulking it with tar within and externally, and hereby you will do it: of three hundred elbows of length (aprox. 150 meters of length), of fifty elbows it's width (aprox. 25 meters of width), and of thirty elbows it's height (aprox. 15 meters of height). Also a window you will do to the ark and you were ending it to an elbow of elevation on the part of above, and you will put the door to it's side; and you will do to it the low floor, second and third .

 And  I am here that I bring a water deluge on the Earth, to destroy all meat in which there is spirit of life under the sky; and everything what exists in the Earth will die more I will establish my agreement with you and you would enter in the Ark, your wife, your children and the wives of your children with you, and of everything what lives, of all meat, two of every species you will put in the ark, in order that male and female have life with you they will be. Of the birds according to his species, and of the beasts according to his species, of any reptile of the Earth according to his species, two of every species were entering with you, in order that they have life with you; ; and you would take of any food that eats, and store it and will use as sustenance for you and for them. And this way made  Noe, did in conformity with everything what God order him .


In 1977, 17 years of investigation in Oriental Turkey they were confirming in area the measures of a gigantic ship sunk in the Earth. The taken measures were exact to those of the Biblical statement, 150 meters of length, 25 meters of width and 15 meters of high place and also manage (fourth) correspondents verify the existence of the first, second and third floor with it's respective chambers, precisely identically to the Biblical statement. It was incredible, 17 years of studies were being rewarded, then, this information did that these scientists were threatened with kidnapping and with death if they were continuing the above mentioned expedition. The threats made a terrorist group that, in one of the assaults effected to the scientists of the expedition, were charge for a few Turkish commands that were accompanying the above mentioned expedition. The terrorists did not achieve his aim because of this episode the expedition was suspended by a space of time, to be renewed in August, 1986 by the permissions and approvals of the Turkish Government.

 Renewed the expedition, polls are realized in the sector where there was verified that metals, wood of cover existed, enormous keel, internal chambers, doubt was not staying for the specialists of what one was finding there was an enormous ship done in the antiquity, it was NOE's ARK. 

Estimated friend, which before seemed to us to be only A Biblical history, today paradoxically across the current Science has returned in incredible truths and realities.



During the first world war two Russian pilots demolished on the mounts Ararat, more or less to approximately 4.200 meters of height, the pilots see something that looked like to them a submarine, to approach they realized that they were opposite to the find of the century, they had discovered Noe's Ark.

 This news they were made it know to the Czar of Russia, the Czar at the time Nicolas  arrange a scientific and military expedition to go in search of the Ark.

 The expedition has success and they found with that Ark, astonished and happy they were bringing the documents to the Czar, but they were intercepted by the communists, which took them prisoners, later to murder them as to the Czar. It is believed that the documents stayed in hands of the communist leader Trotsky. In 1960 an expedition Turkish American comes to the specific place where the Ark was stopped, it was possible to find the specific place of the Ark, thanks to the Doctor Arthur Vanderberger, expert in stereoscopic aerial map-making, the aerial photographies are corroborated in the area. Wilbur Bicher, member of the expedition said-: " The Ark is here under our feet,  from the high it looks like a great ship but it is the Ark. The second expedition was at the expense of RON WYATT, doctor been interested in the archaeology, was motivated because of a few articles of a review .In Ron's study, they appear more of thirty local persons who say to have seen the Ark.

















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True and Life for those who believe in it

 Great Discovery 2



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