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Ten signs that announce the end of this Generation 

First Part


 When will finish the world? And how ?

The writings are not quiet; God says to us when, how and where the world that we know will end: This is in Armageddon. Armageddon is a Hebrew word that means " Meguido's mount ". Meguido's mount Carmelo is to the east of the mount to the north of Palestine. "One has been in this mount and from his higher point it is possible to see a great plain that spreads from the Mediterranean sea eastward, opposite to the north portion of Palestine".Napoleon looked at the expansion of Armageddon and described it as the field of the most natural battle of the whole aspect of the land, since the armies might maneuver easily in his uninhabited plains.

 The Bible says to us that in these plains, the blood humanizes would rise up to the brakes of the horses, in an extension of 322 km. There, the false man of peace, the anticrucifix, will join all his armies to do the war to the son of God and to try to achieve the supremacy. First of all, we want to show you ten signs that indicate that we are on the verge of seeing this event.

Are we the last generation?

1.    The explosion of knowledge

The first sign that us leads the Armageddon is found by us in Daniel's Book 12: 4 where  says: " But your Daniel, close the words and seals the book up to the time of the end. Many people will run of here for there, and the science will increase. " The literal translation of this verse consists of the fact that during the last times, or the last generation, will happen a kind of "explosion of knowledge".

Such an explosion happened in last century. From the garden of the Eden until the year 1900 d.c., the men were walking by foot or were mounting astride, in the same way that the king David or Julio Cesar did. After a few years, nevertheless, the man invented the car, the plane to reaction and the spatial trasbordador. Today in day can demolish from New York to Paris in three hours. Think for a moment about the whole knowledge applied in the development of these wonderful works of the modern technology.

Our technology has increased exponentially. The technology, yet that in the end did not produce in advance in the knowledge of the individual average, has achieved that an unlimited wealth of knowledge and information is to our disposition in spite of only pressing a button or a "click". Can receive facsimiles your his car, take messages of the answerer of calls and explore encyclopedias of vast information, so small, which they fit in the palm of the hand. Now you can sit down in the hospitable environment of your  house and extract all the information that you wishes across the international net of information (INTERNET).

In these last two generations we have put the man in the moon and there has been re-defined the concept of the life and the death. The medical science has the aptitude to support a corpse breathing per months with devices of " Artificial life " that today exist.

 Tiny babies who weigh less than one pound can survive now and to the fetuses it is possible to control them surgically in the abdomen of the mother.All this knowledge must be positive; nevertheless, we intend towards the Armageddon. Our knowledge has not been Utopian; rather there has created a generation of informed well people who knows more of the stars of the rock, that of the history. Our "Illustrated" society looks for freedom and the autoexpression, but actually it is enslaved by the drugs, the perversion and the occultism, in all his dimensions, we support that one kills the innocent one and of clemency to the culprit. We proclaim the benefits of the secular humanism, the worship to the intellect of the man, nevertheless, our brilliant and religious governments, they lie impotent before the spread of the crime. Why? Why the knowledge without alone God produces more intelligent intellectual and sinful barbarians.

The Nazi of Hitler threw to the oven Jewish alive children. Many of these men were professional, some of them had doctorates, but they reached his education without knowing God. We are the last generation, " always learning and without being able to come to the knowledge of the truth " (2 Timothy 3:7), because we look for the truth out of God. However much you labours, yoy will never reach the truth by your means. For any positive thoughts that you had, you will not reach her. The only way of reaching the eternal and absolute truth is if you start to exploring the God's word. If you denies the truth, the only thing that you has is to accept the lie. The United States have pushed back the truth of the God's word. We have denied God, and everything what we still have is the lie of the secular humanity. But Jesus said: "and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free " (John 8:32).

2.     Infects in Middle East 

The generation of our parents never understood several prophetic passages of the writings, one of the above mentioned prophecies was the one it shows in Zechariah 14: 12-15 

" And this one will be the plague with which Jehová will hurt all the peoples that fight against Jerusalem: the meat of them will corrupt being they on his feet, and they will be consumed in the hole of his eyes, and the language will fall apart them in his mouth. And it will happen on that day that there will be between them great panic sent by Jehová; and each one will unite of the hand of his companion, and his hand will get up against the hand of his companion. And Judá also fight in Jerusalem. And there will be assembled the wealths of all the nations of around: gold and silver, and clothes of dressing like water. This way also it will be the plague of the horses, of the mules, of the camels, of the jackasses, and of all the beasts that will be in those camps. "

Zacarías had a vision and he could not describe like what it saw, so that he called to this horrible scene " a plague ". The plague that might consume the meat of a person while he was still of I peeped, it was a mystery for the generation of our parents, as it was for Zacarías. But now we know the virus of the ébola, the bacterium murders and other mortal diseases of fast spread. The author Richard Preston describes a victim of the ebola in his book " The Hot Zone " (The Warm Zone), success of sales in bookshops, says this way:

1.-" When they opened the corpse to do the autopsy , they discovered that the kidneys were tailing, and that the liver had stopped working several days before the patient died. It was yellowish and some segments of the same one it had been liquefied, was looking like the liver of a corpse of 3 days. It was as if the victim had turned corpse in life. The detachment of the intestines is another effect that in general it sees in a corpse of several days. Everything was completely abnormal inside this man, absolutely quite; any of these anomalies could have caused the death: The coagulation, the massive hemorrhages, the made liver " caramel ", the intestines full of blood, etc. "

Mr. Preston declares that an epidemic of ebola might arise and give the return to the world in approximately 6 weeks, with the same rapidity that propagates the flu, killing to persons enormous quantity. Certainly the ebola does not kill a person to the instant, since the plague described in the Bible does it, but in the terrible epidemic of influenza of 1918, the people were dying to a few hours of the symptoms demonstrating. The plague that Zechariah speaks might be another type of virus, never known. To despite that our level of knowledge has increased considerably, we are not prepared to face the ebola or other legions of "new" virus mutants, who might attack rapidly and severely to the men. If new outbreaks of these virus were interfering by means of chemical or biological weapon, we might see to the perfection a plague of the same type that Zechariah describes.The plague that Zechariah describes might be a product of a massive radiation. A documentary on Hiroshima was showing some scenes of the bombardment that put end to the second world war. While we were looking at the program we saw that the meat of the victims literally was fading away of the bones before that the corpses were falling to the soil. Suddenly I concluded that Zechariah could have condition describing a nuclear warfare. I think about this: Every military invented weapon has been in use later that was bombarded to Japan and finished the second world war, we realized the immense power of the atomic bomb. This bomb can produce a temperature of 150 million degrees Fahrenheit in the millionth one of second.In such conditions, the language and the eyes of a man there can be consumed before that the corpse falls to land. But we have advanced very much from the invention of the atomic bomb. A nuclear explosion of a megaton, a petard compared with the bomb H (bomb of hydrogen), produces an impressive uproar (described in 2 Peter 3:10) and to the instant it pulverizes everything what is to a radius of 3,5 km everything what is to 13 Kms. of the explosion, ignites to the instant. The land turns literally a devastating hell. The radiation spreads over 56 following kms. and the land remains useless for 100 years.

 Recently, a North American legislator, said that many of the nuclear weapon produced by the former Soviet Union have disappeared, we suppose that they have sold at the enemies of Israel. And let's not forget the chemical weapon.

In agreement to a study on chemical weapon realized by the doctor Danny Shoham of the Center of Strategic Studies begin Sadat of Bar-Ilan's University, Syria, it is nowadays the most powerful military power of the whole Arabic world as for chemical weapon refers. The Syrians have produced thousands of chemical bombs, including a great quantity of such warlike equipments as planes of combat and missiles Scud-B (from 100 to 200). Recently, the Syrians began to produce the missiles of long scope Scud-C and possibly the missiles M-9 in cooperation with Iran, North Korea and China. With these missiles of long scope, the Syrians might attack literally every Israel's locality from any locality of Syria. And not even still the missiles Patriot that were used in the war of the gulf, would give sufficient protection to Israel. " Certainly that as for Israel, the North American technology was a great failure during the war of the gulf: the Patriot missile could intercept not even an alone Scud Iraqui, did not achieve to destroy much less Scud did not even find the location of the missiles "

 Patriot Missiles ( War of the Persican Gulf 1991 )
 Scud Missiles ( War against Irak 2003)

 The future military assault to Israel will be rapid and fierce. " The one that is in the roof, does not descend to take anything of his house ", warns the Bible " And the one that should be in the field, do not go back to take his cap " (Matthew 24:17-18). Why? Will not have time.Israel certainly,  knows that has enemies, if you interested in reading more in the matter, I recommend " The Samson Option " (The Option Sansón), written by Seymour M. Hirsh (Random House), which describes in detail the nuclear Israeli capacity.In certain occasion, the "Sunday Times" of London published a statement of Mr Mordecai Vanunu, where informed that Israel had 200 nuclear bombs besides the bomb of neutrones and hydrogen.After the above mentioned declaration, the Mossat put at once under arrest Vanunu, sentencing it to 18 years of prison for infringing the safety law. The arrest confirmed that was saying the truth. If he had lied, the Mossat would never have taken inconveniences for him.On the other hand, the Estado Unidenses often think that they are protected from a nuclear assault. This it is a false idea. During the war of the gulf pérsico, the general Schwartzkoff asked for authorization to the president Bush to detonate an electromagnetic device in the high caps of the atmosphere. Such a device would cut any communication between Saddam Husein and his troops. Bush did not approve it, and the above mentioned device has not been proved in the field of battle.Such a device, called " electrical blanket " for the military strategists, we might associate it with one of James Bond's movies, but actually someone might use it against the United States.A carrying satellite of a nuclear ogive crossing on the country to a height of 450 Km (279 miles), would explode sending an electronic pulsation of extraodinary, innocuous energy to the human beings, but fatally for our delicate electronic equipments designed to operate with small quantities of energies. In the billionth one of second, all the communications would be cut. The transmissions of cars and trucks would be destroyed on all his electrical system having be calcined; The stations of radio and television would go out of the air; the planes would smash, the systems of missiles would fail, the president and his commander in chief might not communicate with his military forces. Everything what depends on the electricity would stop working. The military strategists predict that if a nuclear warfare could be , the enemy would eliminate all kinds of electrical transmission hereby. There are 3 military vital concepts for the success of any system, everything begins with "C": Command, Control and Communication; the " electrical blanket " would triumph with any enemy on having neutralized the 3 "C".

All that was small, it would not be necessary if any terrorist was leaving his farmer's trade for a nuclear weapon smuggled of the fragments of the Soviet empire and were demolishing the whole city only to make to notice his political ideology. The nuclear bombs and armaments type " war of the galaxies " are other irrefutable signs of that we are the last generation.

Matthew 28:18 –20

" Then Jesus came to them and said : “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.Amen.




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